It’s true that images are worth a thousand words, but these kind words are priceless.

Among many kind words, this is just a few of what past brides are saying about their experience working together with Marcio and his exceptional talent, Please visit our Wedding Channel profile to see what our happy brides are saying about their experience with Marcio Cavalcanti Photography. [CLICK HERE]


[quote]AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER – When I first met Marcio I was very impressed with his professional but yet funny personality. His work blew me away and I knew this was going to be the best experience of my life! While we were scrolling through the pictures I kept interrupting him because all I would say was “Oh my god I want that picture!” On our Engagement Shoot I was very camera shy but Marcio brings out the best in you. He makes you feel comfortable, he is funny and lets you be free, at some point we even forgot the camera was there. He is so awesome we even had rain come between us but yet he made the best of it. I was more than pleased with everything he offered to us especially once I saw his final work. Marcio was truly a blessing. He met all my expectations and more! Thank you Marcio for all your dedication and time in our beautiful wedding. Thank you for making this journey even more exciting and wonderful. You are truly an amazing artist and we couldn’t have done it without you! – Damy and Misa[/quote] [quote]AMAZING PHOTO JOURNALIST AND AMAZING PERSON – I truly believe that your photographer is one of the most important people involved in your wedding. You may be asking, “Why”? Well, your wedding pictures are one of two things that actually document your special day for the rest of your life. If you choose not to have a videographer, then your photos become your only documentation. Marcio Cavalcanti is more than just a great photographer. He is a photo journalist who tells the story of your special day through his amazing photography. He meets with you and your future spouse ahead of time to get to know both of your personalities and actually listens to exactly what you want and how you want it done. He is a genuine and caring person who will do what it takes to accomodate your needs. There are no words to express how extremely pleased we were with our photos and how well they told “our story”. We wanted more “action” shots rather than “posed” shots (other than the formal family and wedding party photos) and Marcio definitely delivered! Marcio captured every aspect of our ceremony and reception in more ways than we could have ever asked for! – Dawn and Scott[/quote] [quote]FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHER – Marcio listened to what we wanted and the photos came out better than I could have expected. He was extremely professional and made our day even more special. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him! – Blake and Guido[/quote] [quote]AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER! WE LOVED HIM FOR OUR WEDDING – Marcio is a professional, caring, and experienced photographer. He was able to capture all the emotions, feelings, moments of our wedding day at the church and reception. He met with us several times before the wedding and always answered any questions we had. He made it a priority to get to know us and what we were specifically looking for for our wedding pictures. Even post wedding, he is helpful and caring about helping me with the photo album. He even has such a great personality and good humor that he is fun to hang around with. I enjoyed his professionalism and good pictures so much that I convinced my employer to hire him as our photographer for some of our fundraising events. That speaks for itself! 🙂 – Angelica and Jorge[/quote] [quote] BRIDE HEAVEN – I would like to first say I got the honor of being blessed with my Soul Mate, truly. My wedding like many other brides is intended to be a magical, flowing experience filled with nothing but tears of happiness and butterflies in our stomachs. So that’s what we expect when planning a huge event with 100 personalities and many opportunities for disaster, to say the least. My experience started beautiful then as I focused on choosing a photographer I began to panic…I am VERY CONTROLLING AND PICKY AS HELL WHEN IT COMES TO PICTURES. I was never pleased with what I saw. Then as I was headed towards the unfathomable land of BRIDEZILLAS, my poor future husband in a panic…..we decide to meet with the photographer that works with my wedding venue CocoPlum Womens Club (beautiful, affordable, dreamy) OK so we meet with him and I am not expecting to be blown away by my experience as I wasn’t by any other. When you meet Marcio you tend to automatically feel relaxed…I am a mix of fire crackers and volcano’s mixed with maybe a sweet water fall..VERY hyper. Well my energy was soothed just by the vibes he gives. Oddly as he started talking I felt at ease and almost like as if I could trust anything he said and opinions he had. I tend to be SOMETIMES gullible to sales.. BUT my husband is NOT and he felt the same ease with him as I did and confidence as well. He speaks eloquently, soft and yet as if you have known him for a while. That is just how he presents and personality …which is VERY important to me since photography is an emotional capture of moments including the energy of those moments… you cannot create a relaxed happy photo with a demanding, cut throat photographer, you will end up smiling with your forehead wrinkled with frustration…pretty picture Im sure that will turn out to be. We scheduled our engagement session and what I love is how is helps you brain storm what it is you and your love have in common that we could re-create in a session. He makes you feel empowered. I could not think of anything as I knew he would probably suggest or ask us and after he spoke to us, I came to the conclusion we love cars. He was founder of a car club and I lived for old VW car shows… so naturally we went to a vintage car show in Hard Rock Cafe…WOW these pictures surpassed my expectations. I wanted opposite from “normal” I got cover photos that are breathtaking, different, playful, sexy all in one beautiful bundle! I thank God for putting him in my path as the pictures where all I was focused on. My wedding was another beautiful experience. As CRAZY and rushed that day was do to 2 of my bridesmaids showing up late to church , it delayed my dance time therefore everything else. Marcio made us feel we were not missing anything, any photo or moment. His tone is so soothing that I probably would have cried if it wasn’t for him making me feel “We will not miss a moment” kinda of thing. He focuses on allowing the bride/Groom to cherish the party with out the “lets move here, tilt head, smile now” feeling. I felt he was there sliding through our party capturing moments with out getting in the way and making people stop and feel forced. REAL MOMENTS CAPTURED WITHOUT the tense forced obliged feeling. My wedding was AMAZING and part of creating that for us was choosing the right energy/vendors/people to surround ourselves with when we were planning such an unforgettable and touching event in our lives. Thank you Marcio Cavalcanti for giving us that. – Karen and Jorge [/quote]
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