[one_third]Investment[/one_third] [two_third_last] [dropcap]We are happy to give you options to have the best value for your investment. There are three options for you to choose, where the third one is a collection where you have a starting point to create your own options.[/dropcap] [dropcap]5 Stars – This collection is for the couple who values photography above all. It includes everything you could ever dream of — a complete day’s coverage, stunning albums, and a couture engagement session.[/dropcap] [dropcap]4 Stars – This collection is our most popular, for the bride and groom who want a little bit of everything — our top products, with a moderate investment.[/dropcap] [dropcap]3 Stars – This collection is a perfect starting point for couples who want the option to create a package to fit their unique needs by adding à la carte options.[/dropcap] [dropcap]Our wedding fees cover events in South Florida and New York, but We also love to travel and shoot beautiful destination weddings and engagement sessions in different locations! Weddings outside of South Florida and New York and Engagement Sessions outside of South Florida will be subject to travel fees. Please contact us, for personal consultations and availability.[/dropcap]




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